1.2 Cookies are never free (Expert content)

Just Digital Part 1: Big Issues in Small Bytes 1.2 Cookies are never free (Expert content)

Let’s Hear from the Experts

Nicely done! You now know the difference digitization and digitalization, between plain old tech and Big Tech. This is your chance to learn from a couple experts from different contexts.

Ali Ghaith

Ali Ghaith is a Palestinian advocacy, media, and communication consultant. He is passionate about digital justice as a human right and has published a book on digital advocacy and the use of socail media for change.

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls is a Fijian political activist working on gender, communications, and peace. Following a successful broadcast career,  Sharon co-established FemLINKpacific: Media Initiatives for Women.

Break Time

Time for a well-deserved break! Stand up and shake it out. Do you have far more questions than answers? That’s okay! Questions are a great way to learn and start your own research. Here are a few prompts to think about:

  • Have you ever read the terms and conditions before clicking Accept All Cookies? If yes, how long did it take you and did you understand what it meant?
  • Where do you notice the effect of algorithms in your life? Do you find them sometimes helpful? Or do they annoy you?
  • Think about one website you visit nearly every day. Do you know what data the site collects on you? Do you know how it is used?

Have you gathered your thoughts? Noted your questions? Ready to go futher?

Great! Then let’s keep going.


We’ve given you a lot of digital food for thought. Understanding is good, but using that understanding to take action is even better! So click Complete Lesson to move to the final section of this first lesson. Here you’ll find the Side Quests and some next steps to take.