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COMMENT is the Centre for Communication Rights’ take on the rapidly changing world of communications and social media.

#SaferInternetDay: Here’s to a misogyny-free Internet

#SaferInternetDay: Here’s to a misogyny-free Internet

The message to end misogyny, sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the digital realm has been iterated and reiterated countless times in as many spaces and languages the world over. Yet, there still lacks global consensus on what constitutes such behaviour....

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Internet Connectivity through Community Resolve

Internet Connectivity through Community Resolve

My family decided to move to a rural location in northern England. Knowing that my job depends on excellent internet connections, friends expressed concern that by moving away from towns and their services, I wouldn’t be able to access the internet at the same speeds...

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The map below shows a some of the initiatives we have supported over the past few years. You can filter projects by the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) with which each initiative aligns.

PHOTO CREDITS (from top): Bangladesh NP Monitoring/ University of Dhaka; Philip Lee/WACC