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COMMENT is the Centre for Communication Rights’ take on the rapidly changing world of communications and social media.



In the Netflix documentary “the most hated man on the Internet”, a mother seeks justice for her daughter and other women whose intimate photos obtained through hacking are posted on a revenge porn website. The magnitude of apathy of the site owner and his upto 350,000...

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Trustworthy news or the Greatest Show on Earth?

Trustworthy news or the Greatest Show on Earth?

News fatigue is an age-old phenomenon. Not only do media have a reputation for “moving on” after a catastrophe, but readers, listeners, and viewers have a tendency to get bored. Sadly, extended calamities – the drought in the Horn of Africa, the war in Ukraine – lose...

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The map below shows a some of the initiatives we have supported over the past few years. You can filter projects by the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) with which each initiative aligns.

PHOTO CREDITS (from top): Bangladesh NP Monitoring/ University of Dhaka; Philip Lee/WACC