6.2 Digitality and marginalized peoples (Expert content)

Taking Control, Making a Difference Sessions 6.2 Digitality and marginalized peoples (Expert content)

Who: Sameera Zoroub and Banan Ashour are among the 20 Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip who participated in digital literacy workshops organized by the Community Media Centre (CMC), a Palestinian NGO. These workshops targeted vulnerable groups, including gender-based violence survivors and internally displaced women, aiming to empower them with essential digital security skills.

What: The workshops, supported by WACC Global, aimed to enhance digital security awareness among women in the Gaza Strip. Through interactive sessions, participants learned how to protect their personal information online, recognize and mitigate risks such as hacking and cyberbullying, and utilize digital platforms safely and effectively. In addition to digital security training, the project included sensitization sessions to raise awareness about the importance of digital media literacy and privacy protection. Plans are also underway to develop a comprehensive guidebook and educational video on digital media literacy tailored to the needs of Palestinian women in the region.

Where: The workshops took place in the Gaza Strip, a region deeply affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and enduring social, political, and economic challenges. In this context, Palestinian women face unique barriers to accessing and utilizing digital technologies, making them particularly vulnerable to online risks and threats.

When: The project commenced in late June, with workshops conducted over several sessions to provide in-depth training and support for participants like Sameera Zoroub and Banan Ashour. The ongoing nature of the project allows for continued engagement and capacity building among Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip.

Why: In the Gaza Strip, where Palestinian women face disproportionate challenges due to conflict-related hardships and patriarchal social norms, digital literacy and security skills are essential for empowerment and resilience. By equipping women with the knowledge and tools to navigate digital platforms safely, the project aims to break down communication barriers, promote digital justice, and empower women to advocate for their rights effectively in the digital age.