6.1 Digitality and marginalized peoples (Intro)

Just Digital Part 2: Taking Control, Making a Difference 6.1 Digitality and marginalized peoples (Intro)

Snapshot: Digital communication technologies can be a powerful
force for inclusion, justice, and democracy, so that all people can be
heard and exercise their right to communicate. These technologies
can also be tools for oppression and exclusion, used to harm and
oppress marginalized people and groups. There can be no digital
justice without social and ecological justice for all.
Key terms: gender, race, social justice

Questions to turn into objectives

Have you experienced digital marginalization? What social factors
contribute to your good and bad experiences online?
y How can you include, listen to, and amplify marginalized voices
y How can civil society, including faith groups, use digital
communication technologies to work for social and ecological
y What steps can you take to reduce the ecological impact of your web
and social media use?